Ariana Grande puts on a trippy display in the visual for "The Light Is Coming," the pop star's latest release off forthcoming album Sweetener, as well as her new collaboration with longtime friend Nicki Minaj.

Released via, the music video shows Grande traipsing through a dark jungle, chasing the dense darkness away with a glowing orb of white light. In one scene, the singer poses against flashing red lights, while another features duplicates of the artist dancing amid the trees.

Watch, below:

The title of the track was first teased in the music video for "No Tears Left to Cry," released April 20, which briefly revealed a portion of her upcoming album's track list in one fleeting scene. Grande confirmed the title as the name of a new song while appearing on The Tonight Show on May 1. She later announced "The Light Is Coming" would be the next song she would release off the album in a tweet posted on May 7, when she also shared some lyrics from the track.

Sweetener is out August 17.

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