I never understood why people do not like going grocery shopping. I completely understand not wanting to go out to grab a shirt, crayons, or even shovel for snow, but your groceries? I feel that grocery shopping is so relaxing and you can choose exactly what items you want, so when I saw this I was flabbergasted. Amazon is now America's most popular grocery store! 

At the beginning of the  pandemic, many people decided that it was too unsafe for them to go out to grocery stores to do their own food shopping. I completely get this. Here is this mysterious virus that had taken over the world and no one knew who was going to get it next. This led to an uptick in online ordering of very short, including grocery shopping. I personally know many people that used delivery services such a s Instacart, where someone else did all the shopping for you and even delivered it to your house for a flat fee. 

While I understand Amazon being a popular grocery option during the pandemic, I just can't imagine that we have all gotten so lazy. According to nj.com, this is Amazon’s first year to claim the study’s top spot (finished third in 2020), with the company’s speed and digital performance being its main driving factors. Amazon has now beat out other retailers such as Walmart, Trader Joes, and even Costco! 

To use this service you must have Amazon Prime. If you do the math, it’s actually not a bad deal. You would be paying $12.99 a month to have not only your groceries delivered, but everything else you  ordered delivered for that one flat fee.. The only downside is that someone else is picking out your food. Keep in mind that you still get free 2- day delivery.

All in all, this is another big win for Amazon. 



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