I've been doing this a long time.  I started in radio during the rise and fall of grunge.  I watched techno music get popular, fade out, and come back again.  I've been in radio for 2 waves of boy bands (Backstreet Boys vs. N'Sync, then One Direction vs. The Wanted).     I remember when it was all the rage to put movie clips in songs ("you had me at hello"), and when every pop diva had to have a rapper on her song.  From  Aaliyah to Zhane,  I've heard one-hit-wonders, and novelty songs, and thought I had a pretty good handle on why songs became popular.  Which is why I am completely stumped by Psy's 'Gangnam Style'.

In case you missed it, 'Gangnam Style' is a pop song from Korean musician PSY.  Its route to fame was an outrageous video on YouTube that has been viewed over 250 MILLION times.  The video features PSY in numerous locations doing a dance that looks like he should be wearing a tiny cowboy hat and riding a broomstick horse.

So now it's a "Thing", and those wacky FM DJ's hate to be left out of things, so 'Gangnam Style' is rising up the national music charts, up to number 20 this week


.  Here's the problem, the song is TERRIBLE!!!  Outside of the 'gangnam style' hook, the rest is just gibberish korean rap.  So please tell me.  What is the appeal?  I get viral videos, but why are radio stations playing a viral video you can't see?  There's a station in New York City playing the song 10 times a day.  I would go crazy there.  So please tell me.  Do you want 'Gangnam Style' in regular rotation on Wild 104?

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