Alan Alda has hope for a less divided America, and he believes actors are the key to fixing it.

The actor accepted a lifetime achievement award during the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Award. During his speech, Alda, 82, said he's "proud" to be an actor, adding that now more than ever it's critical that entertainers go above and beyond to "get inside a character's head and search for a way to see life from that person's point of view, another person's vision of the world, and then to let an audience experience that."

"It may never have been more urgent to see the world through another person's eyes," he said. "When the culture is divided so sharply, actors can help, at least a little, by doing what we do. The nice part is it's fun to do it. So my wish for all of us is: let's stay playful, let's have fun and lets keep searching. You can't solve everything, but it wouldn't hurt."

Alda added, "I thank our great union for this. Let's honor the union contact. I share this with everybody in the room. Thank you so much."

The actor attended the 2019 SAG Awards with his grandkids. He has had an impressive career in TV and film, for which he's racked up honors including Oscars and Emmys.

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