Paramount Pictures has released their Super Bowl LIV ad for A Quiet Place: Part II in advance of the big game this Sunday. The 30-second spot doesn’t give away much in addition to what we already know, but it does reveal one key detail about actor/director John Krasinski’s role in the film. While we know of his (SPOILERS!) unfortunate fate in A Quiet Place, the inclusion of a flashback sequence in the sequel’s first trailer hinted that we might get to see more of Krasinski’s Lee Abbott. Now we can confirm that he will indeed be included in A Quiet Place: Part II, as we learn about the origins of the alien invasion:

Taking place immediately after the events of A Quiet Place, the sequel follows Evelyn Abbot (Emily Blunt) and her two kids Regan and Marcus, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe as they navigate their post-apocalyptic world. They're hunted by blind aliens with an acute sense of sound, making any excess noise forbidden.

The first film does an excellent job of setting up the rules of this universe, but it never gave us any backstory on why these people have to live like this in the first place. A Quiet Place: Part II will go back in time and fill us in on how the alien invasion came to pass. Krasinski approaches a police officer on a quaint-looking street about the commotion, where the police officer assures him that it’s “some kind of fire.” Seconds later, the police car is decked by one of the terrifying creatures from the first movie. Nope, definitely not a fire.

Krasinski definitely had his hands full behind the camera with this sequel, but it's still good to know that he's reprising his role as Lee, at least for a small portion of the film. A Quiet Place: Part II creeps into theaters March 20th.

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