How great is this invention. Scientists are coming up with a watch that not only tells time but tells you when you are talking too much or being boring.

I can see this watch being great in many cases, like on a first date, or a job interview.

You know those people who dominate every conversation, only talk about themselves . . . and you just want to tell them to SHUT UP?  This might be the perfect gift for them in five to ten years . . .

Well, according to The Times, and Yahoo News,  a team at M.I.T. is working on a watch that uses artificial intelligence, and then vibrates to let you know when you're being boring or talking too much.

It monitors things like your heart rate and blood pressure.  And it also monitors the tone of a conversation by picking up on things like long pauses, and how often you repeat yourself.

The algorithm they're using can already tell if a conversation is "happy" or "sad" with about 80% accuracy.  But right now it pulls most of the data from the person who's wearing it.  They still need to make it better at analyzing multiple voices at once.

You won't be able to buy one for at least a few years.  But they basically want it to be like a social coach who's with you all the time, helping you interact with people.

They think it might be really useful for things like first dates and job interviews.  And it might be huge for people with autism and Asperger's, who have a hard time in social situations.

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