What is your thought on Fruit Cake?  I was raised that it was something you gave to the older people in your life like Grandparents but then as I got older, I learned that it was something that was given to people that you really aren't a fan of.

I'm not really sure what the actual tradition is, if there is one or if there is something to be said for getting or giving fruit cake as a gift at Christmas but when you involve tradition and food that is more than 100 years old, it becomes a whole story all of its own.

The Ruttinger Family in Michigan say that it's an honor to get a 141-year old fruit cake because it was baked originally by Fidelia Ford, Mrs Ruttinger's great, great grandmother.

It has been a tradition that has been passed down with no end in sight.

I'm not really sure that I would eat it but it seems like a great honor.

You can read the whole story HERE

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