New York State is much more than just New York City. Those who don't live here probably just assume it's all New York City, and don't even realize most of the state is small towns and countryside.

I have friends who visit New York State for the first time (usually in the Western and Central New York regions) and are blown away how gorgeous the state can be, especially in the spring and summer.

However, if we're being honest, there are places in the state that don't have a ton of things to do.

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For the longest time, one of the stereotypes of Buffalo was that there was nothing to do there. There isn't as much to do there as let's say, New York City, but the fact it has so many festivals and is right by two Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, makes it a city or town that escapes this list of not so great places to visit in New York State.

These are places in New York that are not great places to visit, mostly because there are not a ton of things to do for visitors, but one because of just how overwhelming it can be for newcomers.

Here are the seven worst places to visit in New York State.

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These places might not be the best places to visit, for both a lack of things to do, and for one place, too crowded and chaotic.

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