It finally happened, 30 year-old Michael Rotondo has finally packed his stuff and moved out of his parent's house.

Rotondo has become infamous, and viral, for being served an eviction notice from his parents, and the case being brought to the high court levels.

A New York State Supreme Court Judge granted the eviction notice last month and set a deadline for June 1st.

Rotondo was seen leaving his house today with his stuff packed in garbage bags and packing a station wagon. According to CNN, Rotondo will be moving to an AirBnB for now.

After presenting a note to Rotondo that stated he will need to vacate the property in 14 days, Rotondo's parents also offered money to help him find a place to live and repair his broken down car.

Rotondo asked a judge to dismiss the eviction notice, but that motion was denied and the June 1st deadline was set in place.

[via CNN]

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