Vaccines are a highly debated topic, despite the scientific data behind them. As public access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines becomes more available and necessary, more celebrities than ever before are voicing their opinions about vaccination — whether they're informed by science or not.

While some folks specifically believe that the Moderna, Pfizer and other vaccines for the coronavirus aren't safe or necessary, despite what medical professionals and scientists say, some are simply against vaccines altogether.

Others believe that vaccines are fine but that the government shouldn't be able to make vaccinations mandatory for children, while some people speculate the medicine can “introduce alien microorganisms into our children’s blood.”

22 Celebrities Who Have Made Anti-Vax Statements

Whatever the reason, celebrities often have a lot to say about vaccines and vaccination, whether they're lobbying against legislation, questioning scientific data or spreading misinformation by way of opinion disguised as fact. Below, find out which star was so upset that his wife vaccinated their children that he ended up getting lawyers involved, as well as which star has been under fire for spreading misinformation about the link between autism and vaccines.

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