It's that time of year when high school seniors all around the country start plotting their senior prank if they haven't already. I wish that I could say my high school class pulled off an epic prank, but we didn't. The extent of our "prank" was to meet in the parking lot of the high school at 4:30 in the morning and parade through town, making sure to honk and hoot and holler when we drove by the principal's house.

A couple years ago some students thought it would be a genius idea to release 10,000 crickets into the halls of East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky. Not only were they banned from graduation, they had to pony up $600 in fines.

The students in Kentucky certainly weren't the first and definitely won't be the last to come up with a senior prank that lands them in hot water. Check out ten other senior pranks that failed miserably.

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    12,000 Balloons

    I felt bad with all of the prank fail videos that I thought I'd leave you with one that actually looks amazing...unless someone has a latex allergy...