Can you believe Parade Day is already this weekend?! Time flies! Here are some tips to have a successful day…some of these are based on personal experience…

  1. Girls, leave the heels at home. I know we want to look cute but there’s nothing cute about being in so much pain that we are walking around with bare feet on the nasty streets of State Street. I always wear flats on this day.
  2. Intermission. If you are starting early, take a break midday to fuel your body with water and food. I usually go somewhere nearby and get pizza.
  3. Buddy system. The phone lines are comparable to New Year’s Eve on this day as in you can’t get through to anyone! I recommend sticking by your friends because there is a good chance you won’t be able to get in touch with them if you lose each other.
  4. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Please, be safe and get a cab or arrange to have a designated driver.