It's Twisted Tuesday and I found a pretty good story for you guys, take a look!

57-year-old David Pope was drinking at his home in Connecticut last week and he may have had a few too many. He noticed an elderly man walking down the street pushing a shopping cart full of cans. So David thought that the man was homeless and he invited him in for dinner. However the elderly man wasn't homeless he was just out collecting cans so he told David "no". At which point David grabbed him by the arm and made him come inside to eat.

When the two of them came inside, David's dog actually bit the elderly man on the leg hard enough to make him bleed. And even though the man was bleeding, David started to cook and wouldn't let him leave. The man sat down and ate his dinner because he said he feared David if he didn't. He was able to leave and went to his house which happened to be right around the corner and he called police officers.

The police officers paid a visit to David's house and he is now facing charges for second degree kidnapping and second degree reckless endangerment.

I'm hoping the charges don't stick because I really think he was just trying to do a good thing by helping out someone he thought was in need.


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