Thursday Night means Wild 104 Team Trivia at Antonio’s Galleria and Cafe, Oak Hill Ave in Endicott. Get ahead of the competition, with the answer to the first question that will be asked tonight.

I am the host of Wild 104′s trivia night at Antonio’s. What I do is ask 20 questions a night in subjects ranging from current events and pop culture, to history, science,  and geography.  People register as teams, and write down their answers to the questions, for me to score.  The team with the highest score at the end of the night wins $50 cash!  Antonio’s has fantastic food, specialty drinks, and handmade gelato for desert. I think we get a really fun crowd out at Antonio’s for team trivia, so I hope you can join us as well.

Here is the 1st question I will be asking tonight at Antonio’s:

What is the name of the Hurricane currently in the Caribbean that is headed toward the Eastern United States, which forecasters are predicting could cause some trouble in the U.S. early next week, including a possible SNOWCANE? ( could a hurricane Sandy be mean?)

Now that you have the first answer, come on out to Thursday Night Team Trivia at Antonio’s Galleria and Cafe, Oak Hill Ave in Endicott, at the corner of Watson Blvd.  Get there early to grab a good table, we start right around 7:30.
matty j