One of the teams that comes out to my Tuesday Night Trivia calls themselves the 'Hot Tamales', and show up every week to have fun, and try to win 1st place.  They are also very creative around all of the holidays, and Halloween has been no exception.  Amy, one of the 'Tamales', gave me these trick-or-treats last night. CEREAL KILLERS!!!

It took me a second to realize what they were when Amy came over with a basket of them. She gave me one, and asked me to give one to Bob Joseph over at WNBF too.  Judging by the great response they got from the customers at the bar, kids would love them!

I know the plastic knives go better with the 'killer' theme, but I think I would put spoons on them instead. A little milk, and you could be a cereal killer.  You might not have time to throw this together for tonight, but keep it in mind for next year.

And just so you know.  Baxter is fine.