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My friends and I had dinner at a fancy restaurant over the weekend where they do typical menu items up a prepare them in an upscale way. We ordered these chicken wings and they had a sauce and seasoning on them already, and they really didn't need anything else. But one of my friends asked the waiter to come over because he wanted a side of ranch dressing. Because that's what he usually has when he eats wings. The waiter said they didn't have ranch dressing. The whole thing was kind of embarrassing. Do you think it's OK to ask for something like ranch dressing or catch up at a fancy restaurant?"

Tanya - I know you said you were at a "fancy restaurant" and they had some "typical menu items" but they were just upscale, I still wonder how upscale it can be when they serve chicken wings. nevertheless, they did and your friend ordered them. And your friend, like many people are used to dipping their chicken wings into something like blue cheese or ranch dressing.

I don't think there was anything wrong with your friend asking for that even if it is an upscale place. When you are paying to go out to dinner, you want what you want,  and you want what taste really good to you. Your friend just wanted to enjoy his meal. And for his next birthday you should buy her a big bottle of good ranch dressing!