Would you rather go shopping or out for a few drinks? What if you could do both at the same place! Well you may be able to in the near future. A Target store in Chicago has just applied to have a full bar at the store.

According to Fortune, a Target in Chicago just applied to have a full bar at it's store. If it takes off and becomes popular, there's a good possibility that they will start adding bars to other Target stores around the country. A supermarket research consult said "It's more of a place where people go after work to socialize. It's more of a novelty. It draws people into the store."

I think this is a fantastic idea. Many guys get bored when they're shopping with their significant other. She can just send her guy off to the bar in the store to enjoy a few cocktails. It would be great for her because then she can just take her time while shopping. Plus it would certainly lessen the blow when he sees the receipt and how much she spent!

If there was a bar at our Target store would you go to it?


Souce: Fortune