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How Clutter Can Change Your Brain
Clutter can pile up faster than you can figure out how to get it under control. Other than the inevitable stress of trying to learn how to combat the clutter, there are health-related issues that come with having clutter in your home.
Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes?
New year, new wardrobe, right!? If you can't afford to splurge on a whole new set of clothes right now, you might want to at least consider clearing out your closet of the clothes that you can't or don't wear any longer.
Tips For A Successful "Dry January"
New Year's Eve is one of the heaviest drinking days of the year, and if you had too much Monday night and want to "detox" your new year by going 30 days without alcohol, I don't blame you.
Relationship Goals For 2019
Just like you have goals for yourself next year that you want to accomplish, you might also want to think about goals for your relationship as well.
Avoid An Unwanted New Year's Eve Kiss This Year
I remember many New Year's Eve parties where I just wanted to make sure that I could kiss someone at midnight! Whether it was just a friend or not, it was always tough being (what felt like) the only person without someone to kiss.
Dealing With Loneliness Over The Holidays
If you're finding yourself celebrating the holidays alone this year whether because you happen to be newly single or you can't afford a plane ticket home next week, there are tips and tricks to help you deal with the loneliness as best as possible.
Why Does A Goldfish Jump From Its' Tank?
If you're thinking that your son or daughter may not be able to take care of a puppy this Christmas season, but thought that a goldfish would be a better pet for them... think a little harder.