The American Academy of Pediatrics released the results of their new study today that outlines common risky behaviors of children stuck by motor vehicles.  The study proves that just as we have discovered how dangerous it is to text and drive, even walking down the street becomes more dangerous when using an electronic device.

For their report “Risky Behaviors of Pediatric Pedestrians Who are Struck by Motor Vehicles,” researchers collected data on all pedestrians who were injured by a motor vehicle and presented to a Level I trauma center in New York City between 2008 and 2011.

What they found is that while one in five of the teens age 13 through 17 that were hit by a car were using an electronic device like a cell phone or mp3 player, teens were twice as likely as adults to be using one of these devices while crossing the street or otherwise engaging traffic.

Study author Dr. Nina Glass says that greater parental supervision, and safety tip reminders by pediatricians, could play an important role in preventing child pedestrian accidents.

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