Have you ever had a weird dream about work and wondered what it meant? Maybe in the dream you showed up to work naked? What could these work-related dreams mean? Well here are six common dreams that people have about their work and what they usually mean according to experts

1. If you dream that you're sleeping with a coworker that you're not attracted to, it usually means that there is some part of their personality that you wish that you had. Don't worry though it doesn't mean that you're attracted to them subconsciously!
2. If you dream that you're at work and the whole dream is just about you working, it usually means that you're stressed out about work.
3. If you dream that you show up to work naked it usually means that you're worried that the people you work with will find out something that you don't want them to know.
4. If you dream that you kill your boss it could mean you're very frustrated and you feel like they control you and you can't do anything about it. I have never dreamed that I killed anyone but this analysis does make sense.
5. If you dream that you're running late to work and stressing out about that, it usually means that you're feeling like you're not living up to expectations, it could be your bosses expectations or your own.
6. If you dreamed that you're getting fired it could mean you're really anxious about something and you're just subconsciously preparing yourself in case you do actually get fired.

I think there is something wrong with me because it feels like I hardly ever dream! I know I must dream, I guess I just don't remember them. Have you ever had a work related dream? What was it?


Source: Business Insider