Who doesn't love ice cream?! And when we were younger, we could eat it for hours and hours, even for breakfast if mom & dad let us haha (Well at least I was crazy about ice cream like that...).

And there was always some reason our parents told s on whyyyyy we couldn't eat ice cream 24/7! Well now they are wrong!!!

You still can't eat ice cream 24/7, but a new study may have just proven parents wrong in the fact that ice cream, make you more intelligent, especially when having it for breakfast!! The study was done out of Tokyo, and if you ask me it may be one of the most influential studies EVER !!!!

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For the study, the researcher had one group of people eat ice cream right after they woke up and one group of people who just ate a normal breakfast. After eating, they both did the same series of mental exercises/tests!

The people who ate ice cream had faster reaction times and processed information better. The researcher also found that when he monitored their brain waves, they were more alert and calmer than those who simply ate a normal breakfast!

Now I know you may have some speculation, and so did the researchers! They though maybe it was just the COLDNESS of ice cream giving them a jolt and making them more alert, so he also ran the tests where people chugged cold water first.

But Nope!!!! Ice cream is the answer!

So the researchers two theories are that there's some ingredient in ice cream that helps your brain, or that eating ice cream makes you happy, which boosts your mental energy. Either way, I don't care as long as I can eat ice cream for breakfast and have a valid reason for why anyone questions me hahah!


[ VIA: The Telegraph ]