My husband is a huge fan of "The Jungle Book" and has been wanting to see it since he first heard that it was going to be remade and released in theaters. It's nto that we can't go to the movies, it's that it's way expensive. We have to figure that we'd pay about $40-$50 for a babysitter and then the cost to the movie tickets and maybe some popcorn, but forget about going out for dinner before or after because that would just jack the cost up even more.

And so, we'll be waiting for it to come out on Redbox or On Demand so that we can watch it from the comfort of our own home for about $2 rather than $75. And that's not an awful thing, I'm definitely not complaining. Actually, we prefer to be able to hang out at home in our comfy clothes, cuddled up on the couch and watch the movie as a family with out little guy included in watching it.

However, if you're still looking for a great gift for dad, you might consider taking him to the movies, or sending one of your kids on a "daddy date" to the movies this weekend.

A survey by the National Retail Federation found that this Sunday, Father's Day is going to be a huge day for going to the movies. As a whole, we're expected to spend about $14.3 billion nationwide on Father's Day this year and a lot of that money is going to be spent on movies. How much? Well, the money that people spend on movies spikes up a full 80% the week before Father's Day.

So I guess the moral of this story is that if you're wanting to take dad to the movies this weekend, you might want to buy your tickets in advance just to be on the safe side.

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