This past weekend, I went to see Beautiful Creatures in the plush comfortable AMC Loews Theater in Vestal.

Before I even get into this, I suppose I should point out the fact that I love almost anything to do with vampires and witches and such. If you are a fan of such things, you will love this movie.

It started off very mysteriously and ended close to what I expected but with a small surprise twist. There is a love story in this movie but parents, have no fear, the most the two characters do is kiss.

Beautiful Creatures is about a girl born into a family of casters aka witches. She is anxiously awaiting her sixteenth birthday to find out if her powers will be claimed for good or for evil. Her destiny has been intervened by her ancestors and she is on the path to become evil and only a particular spell can undo her said curse. I won't spill anymore but if you are a Twihard, you will definitely like this movie.