Father's Day is creeping up on us and before you go thinking dad would love a man bag (aka. man-purse), you might want to take a peek at some of the things that Complex say that dad absolutely doesn't want you to give him for Father's Day.

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    Any T-Shirt with the Word "Dad" on It

    I don't know. I kind of disagree with this. My son gave my husband a hoodie that reads, 'Daddy, you are as smart as Iron Man, as strong as Thor, as fast as the Flash and as brave as Batman. You are my favorite superhero." And my husband loves it so much that he wears it every chance he gets. But then again, my husband could be in the minority because Complex pretty much says that if you get your dad a shirt like this, he'd wear it to be a good sport, but he's prefer to wear a shirt with nothing on it.

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    A "Hot Sauce of the Month Club" Membership

    You might think that you're being super thoughtful by getting your hot sauce loving dad a monthly membership for his favorite product, but Complex says while dear old dad might appreciate it, it's really not all that thoughtful.

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    Dad Jeans

    If you're giving dad jeans, Complex says you should upgrade his style a bit. But here's the thing- dad probably likes his dad jeans because they're comfortable and he probably doesn't care about how they look. So if you want to avoid any and all of this awkwardness, just don't give dad a pair of jeans. See how simple that is?

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    Every dad has probably been gifted with a pair of boxers or two for Father's Day, but giving this gift pretty much says that you put absolutely zero effort into thinking about him on his day.

  • 5

    Hair Products

    Unless you're my husband and burn through gel like nobody's business, it's probably best that you let dad be the one to worry about his own hair and how he grooms it.

  • 6

    A Novelty Tie

    As a gag, I got my husband the most gaudy tie I could find at the thrift store last year. I thought we could make a joke out of it and give him a hideous tie each year as a gag gift, in addition to a nice gift. But, if you're just going to get dad a tie, make it a really nice one. Oh, and if you've only seen your dad wear a tie like once, then you might want to hold off completely.

  • 7

    A Coffee Mug

    If it says something like "World's Greatest Dad" on it, maybe. It just can't be the only gift you give him unless you're under the age of 20 and you made the  mug yourself.