I love that the Greater Binghamton area is such a melting pot. So many different people come from all parts of the United States, and even the world, to live in this town. We definitely aren't lacking in diversity here and that's such a beautiful thing. You can tell a lot about a person and where they're from just by chatting for a few minutes and I promise you that if anyone says any of these 10 things to you, they're definitely not from Binghamton. Enjoy!

  • 1

    “I really wish we’d get a break from all of this sunshine.”

    Binghamton is notorious for having cloudy days. As a matter of fact, most people keep an umbrella handy because rain has a way of showing up out of nowhere.

  • 2

    “I don’t mind the construction. It’ll be done by like 2039. No biggie.”

    Construction around here is literally never-ending. Seriously, work on the Prospect Mountain Project has been underway for over six years and even though we know about it, we still manage to get stuck in it. Every single day.

  • 3

    “Spiedies? What are those?”

    Spiedies are marinated hunks of meat and are native to Binghamton. If you've never had one...why?!?

  • 4

    “Mummers? What are Mummers? What do they have to do with Parade Day?”

    The Mummers come to Binghamton every year from Philadelphia to perform in Parade Day. They dress in elaborate, over the top costumes and are so much fun!

  • 5

    “I like to drive around the downtown round-about just for fun. Those tight curves sure are sweet!”

    The downtown traffic circle is the bain of most people's existence, especially if you drive a larger vehicle. If you don't understand, take a drive around it- it's located on Court Street.

  • 6

    “Interstate 88 is the most fascinating road. It’s not a boring drive at all.”

    There's a little ditty that I like to sing when I have to travel down 88 to get to my parent's place in Albany. It goes a little something like this: "88 is the road that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started driving it, not knowing what it is and they'll continue driving it forever just because it is the road that never ends..." No, seriously. One drive down 88 and you'll totally get it.

  • 7

    “You know, I’ve actually never seen a hot air balloon.”

    Binghamton is home to Spiedie Fest (see #3) and part of the festival is a hot air balloon launch which fills the sky above Binghamton with hot air balloons every summer. It's impossible to walk outside and not see one floating above your head

  • 8

    “I wish there were more bars on State Street.”

    At one time, Clinton Street was known for having the most bars but State Street was feeling left out and so it crammed more than five bars in a two-block section.

  • 9

    “I can’t believe how low taxes are around here!”

    According to Press Connects, in 2016, "The Binghamton area last year led the nation in the amount of property taxes that homeowners pay compared to property values." So that's super fun.

  • 10

    “I wish they didn’t have so many concerts at the Arena.”

    At one time, the Arena in downtown Binghamton was known for their concerts. Big names, little names, and every name in between performed in Binghamton. Now, not so much.